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Certified Life Coach & Energy Practitioner Lynn Bartrum

I help clients from all walks of life discover their innate wholeness, beauty, strength, and inner wisdom.  Through a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, they find themselves growing, evolving, revealing, and remembering - experiencing the most authentic, joyful versions of themselves possible.  

I understand that life inevitably brings challenges. I believe that, sometimes, those challenges are invitations to embark on our own hero’s journey—that universal human experience of seeking and struggling, and—ultimately—emerging transformed.

When we accept the invitation to embark on that journey and look within, we’ll find rich resources to help us not only navigate our path, but to become more than we used to be, perhaps more than we ever thought we could be.

I, too, received that invitation, and—once I chose to accept it—experienced my own transformation. My journey thus far has led me to where I am today, and I am so very grateful.  My most joyful, authentic self-expression includes sharing my journey, my gifts, and what I've learned, in order to assist others in living their most authentic, joyful self-expression.  I use a multi-modal approach, combining my natural intuitive abilities with extensive training in life coaching and energy healing modalities to create a synergistic, transformative experience for my clients.

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Embark on your transformational journey! As your Integrative Life Coach, I am here to offer inspiration, guidance, and support, empowering YOU to discover, reveal, and remember all you need to co-create the life experience you long for.

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